Joico Texture Boost - Dry Spray Wax

Joico Texture Boost - Dry Spray Wax

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Joico's clever little Spray Wax has some mighty fine powers hiding beneath its silver trappings. Like the fact that this ultra-fine finishing formula mists on malleable, movable texture with every hit of the nozzle. No muss, no fuss – and no digging around in a tub of thick goo.

Perfect choice for: All hair types will enjoy the ability to create a textured shape – say, a curl, a wave, a tousled ‘do – with a hit of completely flexible, clean, and touchable hold.

Here’s how: Liberally spray this wonder wax on hair to create your style… then tinker, mold, and move it around as you please.


  • Apply to towel-dried/dry hair
  • Style as desired