Revlon restart balance purifying shampoo

Revlon restart balance purifying shampoo

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Offers targeted solutions for specific scalp needs.Kerabiotic Equi-feel

    • Proven Skincare Ingredients: balance scalp microbiome.

    • Prevent: helps to reduce and prevent dandruff.

    • Hyalucomplex: helps to reduce scalp dryness.

    • Kaolin: acts as a face clay to absorb scalp oils.

  • Biopeptide: fortifies hair structure, revitalizes brittle hair and moisturizes the scalp and hair


This dual action purifying micellar shampoo creates a creamy foam, helps to balance scalp microbiome and purifies it. Formulated with glycine’s derived amino acid. Cleanses the scalp for shiny, weightless hair.

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